The Choices You Choose

A lot of people outside of the journalism world really, for the most part, have no clue how things work.

Why should they? All of the outsiders get their ideas from movies and television, which to be fair is vastly different from the reality of the job.

I remember one of my professors always preaching that we needed to go out and talk to the people rather than sit on the phone. I thought, duh isn’t that the way they want you to do it?


Sadly, it seems like everything is about money. It’s not nearly as time efficient to go out and talk to someone as it is to call them up on the phone.

The thing is, the best stories are the ones that have an invested writer. That’s right, the ones where you understand the story through-and-through.

How can you convey the emotions of the people you are talking with if you can’t look at them? How can you describe a scene if you weren’t there to see it, smell it, feel it?

I know it sounds a little hokey, but the stories where I went out and really cared are the ones that turned out the best.

These days, many reporters can choose to sit there and not fight the fight to do the job they were paid to do — and do it well.

So if you’re considering this field you should know that leaving the office can be a battle. The thing is, its a battle you need to fight.


One response to “The Choices You Choose

  1. I’m no journalist, but as a professional pragmatist, I agree with your professor.

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