Moving On

The time has come, well I guess the time came.

My newspaper has officially moved. After more than 30 years in our former location, the Daily News has relocated. It isn’t far from where we were but it isn’t home.

Well, work home.

That’s me on the right. It wasn’t much to look at I liked it just the same.

Sure we had rodent problems. And, yes, every time it rained we had to remove the paper from the recycle bins to cover the floor area where the roof leaked. And, yes, I am fairly certain I was breathing in all kinds of bad things … but still, I’m going to miss that building.

This wasn’t my first job, but it was the first one where I felt at home. I made friends in that building, I learned to be a better writer in that building. Heck, I interviewed a woman with a giant cat in that building.

There are a lot of memories there.

On to the next one …

Our new building is nice, although some of the windows are still missing. It smells better but I just don’t care.

I didn’t whine or complain. This is a part of life it will just take some getting used to. On the plus side, I now have a window. Check out my view >>

Jealous of my sweet view of the abandoned lot? You should be!

For now I’m just trying to figure out where to put all of my stuff!



One response to “Moving On

  1. I like the marshmallow on a stick pen in your jar. Plus, I am slightly jealous of your view. I look at a wall and my cork board every day.

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