Victory is Mine!

I feel like Rosa Parks, like the soldiers in the Battle of Thermopylae, like anybody in history who stood up for what they believed in and won the battle.

OK, so my battle was nothing like what Rosa Parks’ went through and unlike the Battle of Thermopylae my only weapon is a pen and paper, but yesterday was a day of victory for this small-town reporter.

About a month ago I asked for a table. WAIT, I know you already want to stop reading but this will get good — I PROMISE!

I went through every hoop and loop imaginable including getting a lecture from my editor about requesting a small, insignificant side table to put arrest reports on to having the publisher come up or send one of his minions up to weigh the pros and cons of giving me a table.

One month later, I have a table.

Isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t it make you just want to swoon? Me too!

It is a stupid battle, but its the first one I’ve won around here. It feels good to see that something I ask for because it is needed came true — and that’s because I annoyed the heck out of everybody to get it.

And look, it matches my desk!

… alright, I lied. It wasn’t that interesting, but I’m just so darn excited!


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