Death … I’m Getting Existential

Yeah, I’m creepy. Existential Angel is taking over this blog post.

I was driving to work today and looked at the semi who had punched the brakes to make the stop where my car was resting. Death is right there, you know.

I don’t mean to bring people down but when you write about death every day it gets you thinking, you know.

I used to be afraid of facing the unknown. Not so much anymore, I’m pretty solid in my faith and my belief that beyond this life is a greater existence for me.

But the unknown is still scary. Let’s face it, no one likes facing the unfamiliar.

I say all this to say, at the end of this week I’ll be interviewing the family of a woman who was murdered a month ago.

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked with someone in this type of scenario so soon after the incident.

There is no investigation into her death, just questions. The woman’s husband killed her and killed himself.

Their divorce would have been finalized three days after the incident.

So now, creepy Angel arises and all she thinks about is how short this life is. I’m not getting cheesy, but its true.

This thing we’re all doing, it’s short. I’m not going to tell you to live every moment like its your last, I certainly don’t.

Just appreciate the fact that you get the day. I’ve talked to too many families facing death to not appreciate what God has given me today.

Have a good day!


2 responses to “Death … I’m Getting Existential

  1. michellestuckey

    A little behind the times lol, but was scrolling back through this and I am so feeling like this right now. I just wrote a story on a father and son (older, 56 and 32) who were on a king cake run and died when their car was hit by a train. They were literally running out to buy king cake, were in a hurry and then they were dead. I wish that I had the faith you have; I try to but seeing this stuff just makes no sense 😦 Such small decisions make such big impacts on peoples lives – and deaths. Depresseing.

  2. I understand completely. There are days when I have to just run out to my car or lock myself in the bathroom to cry. But I know there is something greater than me at play here.
    I’ll be praying for you, Michelle.

    p.s. Next time you’re in town you better let me know so we can get a coffee and chat!

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