Exciting New Opportunity

That’s what my editor told me, he has an “exciting, new opportunity for me.”

I will be attending a meeting Monday to discuss this new and exciting (like how I switched them around so it seems like there are new and exciting adjectives!?) opportunity I’ve been given.

What is it?

Well, it’s in the premature stages to say the least. Monday’s meeting will be to discuss the vision everyone has for a website my company has owned that through the tough times fell by the wayside.

Now, they want to breathe new life into it. They want to make it a site that contributes to this community. They want to make some money.

And they want me to do it.

That’s right, they want to take me off the police beat and have me do general assignment part time and work on this website the rest of my time.

I have no clue what this means for the future, but it’s an opportunity to spread my wings and take on some leadership.

As for now it’s all just a discussion, but hopefully it will soon become a reality!

p.s. When you go on a vacation what are some things you look for when you’re searching the internet? I want suggestions!


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