‘Aw, play it Pee Wee’

Pee Wee Moultrie was one of the special ones.

You may not realize you know the name, but how about the name Hank Williams? Yeah, I thought so.

Peewee was one of the first to sing alongside the famous country singer as a Drifting Cowboy – check Wikipedia, he’ll be there. A few months ago a new Hank Williams CD was put out featuring Peewee and his accordion and last month I had the honor of sitting down to talk to him.

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He hadn’t heard the song in more than 70 years, but as the music played a smile took over his face as he mouthed every word of the songs.

He loved Hank. They were best friends and Pee Wee knew Hank would be famous one day. He was right.

Lately, Pee Wee didn’t adventure out of his house much. But when he did he went out to play his accordion.

His daughters told me music was more than a hobby, it was his life. He filled his home and the ears of loved ones with it.

When I was speaking with him we sat in a room covered with photos of Moultrie from his years playing and singing alongside a plethora of all the Hank Williams memorabilia you could think of.

He was proud of his legacy as being a part of Hank Williams and the Drifting Cowboys.

Thank you Pee Wee for your music, your passion and your words. You will be missed.


2 responses to “‘Aw, play it Pee Wee’

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  2. Jenny Conlee from the Decemberists told me that Hank Williams had an accordion player, and you confirmed it. Thanks. I did up a little post on him and his death in January with links to you and others.


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