Journalism versus The World

It’s been years since I felt the passion, the excitement for this career field called journalism. Last night, the bug bit me again.

After a screening of Page One: A Year at the New York Times, we had guest lecturer David Barstow — a two-time Pulitzer prize winner and reporter at the New York Times.

“To those just getting into this field, you are picking up the cause at a time when people are asking journalists, ‘Are you nuts?’ ”

He told us that we journalists are around to ask the tough questions and hold people accountable.

“You are picking up the torch. You are picking up the idea of journalism because, for some reason, you were drawn to this idea of an individual wanting to find the truth — be a questioning, skeptical press,” Barstow said.

He laid it out. Unlike his career where he can spend two years on one piece we are in a time when newspaper jobs are low. When stories lack depth because the financial backing isn’t around any longer.

He made me happy to be at my place in life. I keep teetering over where to go with my life: public relations? marketing? advertising? small business owner? journalism?

“We need you, we need you, we desperately need you,” Barstow said. “Even in the smallest community you’re needed. They may hate you but you need to be at the school board meetings, the city council meeting. You’re important to this country.”

(I think Mr. Barstow concluded this post perfectly.)


One response to “Journalism versus The World

  1. michellestuckey

    Love it – wish I could have heard him speak.

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