WARNING: This is a rant

This morning I walked into the office and my worst fears were met: Someone had turned my computer off.

I gingerly sat down and braced myself for what was about to happen, slowly breathing attempting to get my calm. I plug-in my username and password and then it happens.

Well, I should say doesn’t happen.

My computer took 20 minutes to turn on. 20 MINUTES!

I’m tired of the fight, but it’s continuing on and on and on.

I go to meetings and watch as the executives and advertising reps pull out their company iPads while I pull out my yellow legal pad and the one pen I was allowed to take from the materials closet.

I heard the other day that the head honchos are actually considering getting the advertising department new, that’s right new, iPhones. My flip phone was taken away about two years ago.

Our computers are the oldest in the building, we get the evil eye if we ask for more than one reporter notepad at a time or in too quick of a time frame and there seems to be no change in the future.

Is it me, or should the NEWSroom of a NEWSpaper get some of the goodies?


One response to “WARNING: This is a rant

  1. Preach!

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