Rain, Rain Go Away

This past week was my first hurricane, at least as a reporter.

I’ve lived in Florida all my life so I’ve been through my share of storms. My senior year of high school I was out for a month without power after Hurricane Ivan destroyed my town.

I will never say I’m excited for a hurricane, they’re far too destructive for that, but I was extremely ready to be out in the elements reporting the happenings.

If you’ve followed the news you know that Hurricane Isaac veered away from the Emerald Coast and poured down on Louisiana and Mississippi.

But for those of you destined to cover hurricanes for a newspaper, I thought I would impart some wisdom on how to prepare.


*You need enough water for 72 hours for yourself (one gallon a day)

*Get some non-perishable food (i.e. Craisins, tuna, pop tarts, granola bars, etc.)

*Hygiene products



*In Florida if its hurricane season its also hot. Really hot. So pack some shorts, shirts and tennis shoes

*Keep a laptop and other on-the-go tech accessories

*Make sure you have a hat (the wind can get really rough), rainboots and a rain coat (rain is kind of a buzz kill)



Make sure you have enough gas to get you through the inevitable dry spell of gasoline



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