Presenting: Awkward Alone Girl

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate meeting an interview blind?

I hate looking around constantly wondering who I am supposed to meet. I hate waiting alone sitting at a lonely table. I hate thinking that they will never show and trying to figure out if they will be a no-show.

I guess a blind interview is very similar to a blind date.

This past Monday I found myself in just this position. I was waiting for a man named Kevin at a pavilion by the beach.

I got there 10 minutes early, I find being a little early is always best. I found a nice seat, grabbed my phone and started playing around on it waiting for the faceless man.

The thing is, I could never get too involved in the Nerts game I was playing out of fear that I would miss my interview.

About 11 minutes after our meet time, I sat on the bench feeling like much the fool. I stood looked around, sat back down and then started over looking for the guy.

Luckily, this week’s meeting did not turn into me being stood up, but I have not always been so luckily. At least now I know how I would fare on an actual blind date. No thank you.


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