Driving Miss Daisy

There are a lot of things that people know about being a career reporter. I mean, heck, who hasn’t seen at least one journalism film (and those are all accurate, right?)

One thing I never thought about was the multitasking. Yes, I realized there would be a million things coming in through the scanner, email and my editors all at once.

I never thought about the multitasking when it came to the driving. I’ve got you now, you never thought of that either.

driving reporter

Yesterday, I was out in a small neighborhood that was struck by a freak storm — I believe the proper term is a straight-line wind event — so I found myself looking for people to talk to, noting the damage in my head and working to distinguish what was from the storm and what was not.

That much thinking while driving a car is not an easy task.


I was sitting at a stop sign peering at the road ahead of me when I started easing forward then slammed on my brakes.

God was good because there was no car coming, but I realized in that instance that I was so focused on my story that I neglected to give my attention to my driving.


Being a reporter is a difficult task. You have to be unbiased, you have to be eloquent and succinct in your words, you have to be incredibly persistent and charming to get information.

Add to that list, you have to drive well while never looking at the road. Can we say impossible!?


Here’s to passing a law that all reporters should get their own drivers!


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