I’m Calling You Out


When I started this job almost six years ago I was a timid 21-year-old with very little life experience. I was easy to plow over should you want to get your way. I was a pushover.

That, though, was years ago and I’ve added some life experience and work experience to the ole resume.

Since starting out, I’ve been called every name in the book, been told to quit, get a job at McDonald’s and never write another word again. Those comments are easy to write today. Upon receiving them, though, I subsequently went to the bathroom and had a nice little cry before returning to my desk.

Today, I received a snarky comment from a local fire department. That’s right, on my story was a blatantly rude comment from the agency’s own Facebook page.

Back story:

I was given the name of an agency that worked a case by the primary investigators and went on to report that in my story. That agency, however, was not the correct one it was the local fire department.

Instead of calling me, though, they chose to tell me that I was wrong, that I call every day and should have known and said “Angel, thanks for the support” all through Facebook.

The old Angel would have changed the information and never said anything again. The 26-year-old me writing to you now was annoyed that they chose to comment on Facebook rather than call so I could explain what happened.

So I called them.

I spoke with the chief there who wanted to tell me it was a positive comment. I told him I knew better and explained that perhaps, in the future, it would be best just to talk to me so we can work things out as adults.

I’m not unreasonable, but I’m no longer a pushover.

Future journalists — Stand up for yourselves. There’s no need to be rude or disrespectful while doing this but you can certainly explain yourself and ask for a better system to handle whatever problems that may arise in the future.

I guess this whole courage thing is a nice part of growing up in the industry.


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