Rising from the Ashes

harry Potter phoenix

Similar to the phoenix, I am rising from the ashes. That’s right. I’m over being sad.

For the past month, I’ve been sulking, crying and just having an all around hard time with life in general. The main part of this has been my main problem since I graduated from college: career.

For more details, refer to my last, incredibly depressing post.

But no more.

Phoenix harry potter

That’s right, I am not sad any more. Part of that is choice, but most of it is that I know there is a higher purpose in all of this. God has chosen this time in my life to break me, to bring me down so that I can give it all to him.

It may have taken me a month to truly get here, but I am here. I’ve made it to the other side!

Phoenix harry potter

Instead of moping that not one, but two job opportunities have slipped through my fingers because of a terrible economy and a challenging field to work in I am taking this time to revel in what I do have going on.

Things I don’t have:



Future plans

Things I do have:

A job, which my mom keeps reminding me that this is a rarity and I should feel blessed.

A great support system. To everyone who witnessed me cry over the past month, thank you. I love you. You’re the best.

Hope for a brighter tomorrow. You can only go up when you hit rock bottom.

Long ago I started this blog as a school project. I was told it was important to be a part of the online community if I wanted to get into the field of journalism. It morphed into my career, following the ins and outs of a newbie journalist.

Now, I think its just about honesty.

I’ve had interns come in and tell me their grand plans for the future. I never want to be someone who crushes dreams, but the reality is that this field is hard. It takes thick skin and a tight pocketbook to make it through just a few years.

I’m about to celebrate my fourth anniversary at the Daily News and let me tell you, I’m tired. I’m not sure how career journalists do it for 20-something years.

For me, this is a learning time. I’m learning how to be the best writer and editor I can be. I’m learning how to work with other people. I’m learning who I am and what I stand for in a variety of issues and circumstances.

So to the youth out there, be careful if your dream is to go into this field. You will learn amazing things and have amazing experiences, but it will also break you.

Just be sure to take those broken pieces and make something good of it.

I know I will. What that will be I do not know.


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