How I Write

Personally, I don’t find the process of writing a news story all that interesting. I believe this is primarily because it’s what I do – literally, all the time. But whenever I tell someone what I do for a living they seem fascinated by the craft. So I thought I’d share how I write.

writing is hard

This story was written about a local author who published a book that took place in one of the towns my newspaper covers. Typically, when I write, I like to get my lede done first.

Fun fact: A “lede” is newspaper speak for the first sentence of the story. The lede is supposed to intrigue the reader and force them to read the second sentence, which is called the “nut graf.” A nut graf is your informational sentence that leads to the rest of the story.

This particular story, though, was not inspiring. In fact, I hated it. Because of this and so many other reasons, there was a slight struggle in my writing process.

Enjoy the show:

The Taylor family was struggling to survive when they decided to risk it all and make the move from Connecticut to Niceville. Once they arrived, the adventures that ensued gripped and tore at the heart strings.

This is lame and I don’t know how to start it.

Help me.

I’m drowning.

OK, here I go.

… um, nothing’s coming … OK, here I go.

Jonathan Gunger spent five years writing about the highs and lows of family life and says that time was well spent as his book “34/4” hits area book stores.

Eh, this isn’t that good either.

Writing a lede is hard. I think I’m going to quit instead of try and write this.

OK, attempt No. 2

In a time when many say the family dynamic is filled with quick answers that cost a lot, Jonathan Gunger is hoping to inspire others on the importance of working through the hard times in his novel based in Niceville.

That sucks.

It sucks really bad.

Dang it.


One response to “How I Write

  1. I still think press releases are worse…
    “Joe Blow, president of Acme Widgets and Chairman of the Board of ‘We Do The Dumbest Things’ and manager of the ‘Political Office of Redundancy’ announced that…” SNORE!
    Then of course there’s the television news crew that is live at the shootout between cops and robbers. We see the footage from the news chopper and yet the anchor blabbers on about all that they DON’T know or worse, speculates on what they heard on the police scanner!

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