Me, Myself and I

Hi, I’m Angel,

I have dedicated this blog to what I am learning in the world of journalism. I’ve been at it for a few years now and have started to realize that this profession is unlike any other. The trials and tribulations are different from all other jobs.

Somehow, I have chosen to be in the profession where everyone hates you, everyone expects you to know everything and everyone is watching your every move.

Right now, my focus is my  job at a daily newspaper and my beat: writing breaking news. This is the world I’m living in now, welcome on my journey.

Wish Me Luck!


13 responses to “Me, Myself and I

  1. Too cute.

  2. The blog is great, keep up the good work. You can do it!

  3. I’m enjoying your blog on journalism. It makes me recall my time working as a journalist and the fun I had at it.
    May I offer some helpful advice here with your blog?
    It appears that you do not use tags or categories. A friend of mine shared with me the importance of this, particularly with the search engines. The short of it is with good tags that are germane to your blog, the search engines will pick it up and folks searching certain keywords will find it. Ditto for WordPress. They categorize tags that help people searching certain topics to find blogs written on that topic.
    You might simply start with simple keywords such as “journalism” and “media.” I’ve learned much by looking at what kinds of tags and keywords are searched most often on WordPress and in other places.
    I hope you find this helpful.

  4. I love the witty spin you put on everything you write about!

  5. I love your blog. I have included the link to a poem I wrote called An American Soldier. It goes right along with what you have said in your blog. I’ve got another I wrote a year or so ago about the Honor Flight if you’re interested in seeing it. Shoot me an e-mail if you’d like to see it.

    I often make videos of my poems, and some of your photos would work great for an American Soldier. If you’d be so kind, I would like to use a few of them but will not do so without your permission. Thank you.

    • You’re more than welcome to use the photos on my blog – however, I took them as a Northwest Florida Daily News reporter – so if you intend to use the photos for any profit you would need to go through the paper for a copy. Otherwise, have at it!

  6. Hey I just stumbled across your blog after googling about the legal drugs article in the NWF newspaper today. I grew up in Niceville, went to college in Orlando, and now at 23 back in the area. Im working as an accountant, but have a true passion for story. I really dig the fact theres actually other people my age here trying to find stories in an interesting way. It seems to me that the area is lacking any sense of community among it’s younger members like us. I’ve been back since August, so maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough. We need more young professional minded thinkers networking to form ourselves a creative and alternative culture/environment. This is an interesting area to live in, but the focus in all areas seem to be on the baby boomers. The big wave of our generation is just now starting to come back home, and we need interesting things to do, see, hear, and participate in. Sorry for “spouting off” I wasn’t planning on it, but it feels nice reach out to a like-minded local. Now I guess I should get back to work entering invoices and listening to This American Life. O ya are you interested in radio as a medium for storytelling at all?

    • I’m a huge fan of radio, NPR is about all I listen to in the car. It’s a media outlet I have not been able to really get any experience in personally, but I find it completely fascinating!

      And I agree, there is a need for our generation to step up and do more community-wide and I’m seeing it more and more the longer I work for the paper. So keep reading, and hopefully our generation won’t disappoint.

  7. Hi Angel, how do i get in contact with you? I’m writing an essay on investigative journalism, i see from your blog you’ve tried to get into it. Will you be willing to answer a few questions?

    Hope to hear from you! x

  8. Contact me on here or by email x

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  10. Hey Angel, loved finding your blog. I’m a journalism masters student right now and happened to find your while I was working on a new post for my own blog. Sounds like I have a lot to look forward to once I graduate!

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