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I’ve Become a Sissy


Tonight seemed like any other night, minus the fact that I had the urge to get out of my apartment and take part in some physical exercise.

I started my run towards the neighborhood behind my complex when my sister called in, which then became my excuse to stop running and just chat away to catch up on life.

I had done my loop and finished sharing with my sister the dream I had about attending Kanye West’s birthday party with my parents when a sweet couple walks up to me and asks for help.

“We don’t know what to do, he isn’t well,” they said as I pulled out my headphone and looked at the black vehicle that seemed parked on the side of the road.

They took me to the drivers side and there sat a man slumped over in a position that no one in a heathy state would be in. That’s when my heart began racing and all I could think was, “This man is dead!?”

I worked in newspaper for six years doing the crime beat so this isn’t the first dead body I’ve seen. But for some reason this was the first time pure panic crept over me.

I couldn’t touch him, all I could do was yell at the rolled down driver’s window, “Sir! Sir!”

I asked the kind man who pulled me aside if the man felt cold to the touch. He said yes. Then I asked if he had felt for a pulse and his face contorted a little when he said no he hadn’t done that but he had already called 9-1-1.

Obviously, touching his neck to feel for a pulse wouldn’t save his life, but it would have brought clarity. But try as I might I couldn’t bring myself to do anything beyond yelling sir and asking if I should call 9-1-1 again.

While we were waiting another neighbor came up and asked about what was happening. We then asked if he would like to feel for a pulse and unlike us sissys this man went for it – but the man in the car’s body was too contorted to get to a pulse without moving his body.

That’s when the man in the car moved a little. I don’t know if it can be described as a jerk – but it was more than just his body falling further down. He was alive!

That’s when the other man helping noticed the car, which was running, was also in drive. Somehow the man passed out in his car with his foot wedged on the break – by the grace of God alone.

“We need to put this in park,” the man said.

I felt my pulse quicken as I realized the four of us were about to device a plan to reach into the car to make sure it didn’t suddenly start rolling away adding more to the already scary situation.

But just when I thought some action was about to be taken the beautiful sound of sirens began coming closer and closer.

Shout out to the Orange County Fire Department for the quickest response time. They immediately pulled in and rushed to turn off the car and get the man out. Loaded him on the stretcher and began making efforts to get him back to.

Unfortunately, I won’t know the end of the man’s story. He had a weak pulse and was whisked away to the nearest emergency room. The kind couple can rest assured that if he lives, they are responsible.

I, however, walked the rest of the way home realizing that the hardened journalist who was quick to jump in the car at the sound of possible death is now a big sissy. I couldn’t even touch the guy!

Geesh. What have I become.


Reporters are Just Dogs Peeing on Fire Hydrants

I’ve never been very territorial.

In the news business, a lot of reporters would slit your throat for the perfect story.

During one of my first internships, that’s exactly how it was — if you didn’t volunteer before he finished telling us about the story you were stuck with the story on road repairs.

Typically, everyone in the newsroom handles their beat and everything is good.

Today, however, I got territorial. I was tasked with the insane beat of covering an entire county.

I may not catch every small detail, but I get the job done as best as I can.

I’ve been covering that county’s courts and crime for months. I track the story, keep up with the arrest reports and go to court when they’re up.

Recently, our content editor has made it a point to make every reporter come up with a weekly list of what they will be doing for the week. Apparently the pressure got to one of the reporters because he pilfered my courts stories, which were on my list.

Since I am “more flexible,” the editor decided to let him keep it and gave me the story on the 81-year-old city clerk who died a week earlier. Woo.

When I was asked for the arrest reports, I felt like my territory was being all taken over. I was not pleased.

I feel like a Terrier and the big, bad Rottweiler took over my fire hydrant.

That was my fire hydrant, dag nab it!

Being Breaking News

I love breaking news.

When I worked at the weekly paper last year I focused on health and education and whatever else was thrown my way. However, breaking news was really not one emphasized, since I worked at a paper only published once a week news didn’t really break with us.

Most news was old news.

Well, since starting at the daily I was the night cops/breaking news reporter and now I’ve become the day reporter for cops/breaking news/whatever comes my way.

Most breaking news though is not as exciting as it sounds. It’s mostly me going out to car accidents and taking pictures, or asking fire departments to send me pictures of fires they responded to that I didn’t hear about until the fire was out.

Well Thursday this was not one of those days.

We got a tip that dozens of police cars were zooming into a nearby trail. I was on it calling every source I had and found out that two hikers had gotten stranded during a flash flood and were holding to a tree with water rushing by.

This, I knew, was what my job was all about.

Sadly, the scene was about an hour from the newsroom, so the photographer and I were off hoping the best for the stranded guys but also hoping in the back of our minds that maybe they could hold off on rescuing them until we got there — we’re terrible, I know.

We get there and find out the guys have already been rescued but there still around, we can still talk to them, get a photo and some video. Yes!

It turned out to be a great story full of intense moments, thoughts of dying and a heroic rescue. It was definitely worth the two-hour drive there and back.

Breaking news, it beats everything every time.