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I’ve Become a Sissy


Tonight seemed like any other night, minus the fact that I had the urge to get out of my apartment and take part in some physical exercise.

I started my run towards the neighborhood behind my complex when my sister called in, which then became my excuse to stop running and just chat away to catch up on life.

I had done my loop and finished sharing with my sister the dream I had about attending Kanye West’s birthday party with my parents when a sweet couple walks up to me and asks for help.

“We don’t know what to do, he isn’t well,” they said as I pulled out my headphone and looked at the black vehicle that seemed parked on the side of the road.

They took me to the drivers side and there sat a man slumped over in a position that no one in a heathy state would be in. That’s when my heart began racing and all I could think was, “This man is dead!?”

I worked in newspaper for six years doing the crime beat so this isn’t the first dead body I’ve seen. But for some reason this was the first time pure panic crept over me.

I couldn’t touch him, all I could do was yell at the rolled down driver’s window, “Sir! Sir!”

I asked the kind man who pulled me aside if the man felt cold to the touch. He said yes. Then I asked if he had felt for a pulse and his face contorted a little when he said no he hadn’t done that but he had already called 9-1-1.

Obviously, touching his neck to feel for a pulse wouldn’t save his life, but it would have brought clarity. But try as I might I couldn’t bring myself to do anything beyond yelling sir and asking if I should call 9-1-1 again.

While we were waiting another neighbor came up and asked about what was happening. We then asked if he would like to feel for a pulse and unlike us sissys this man went for it – but the man in the car’s body was too contorted to get to a pulse without moving his body.

That’s when the man in the car moved a little. I don’t know if it can be described as a jerk – but it was more than just his body falling further down. He was alive!

That’s when the other man helping noticed the car, which was running, was also in drive. Somehow the man passed out in his car with his foot wedged on the break – by the grace of God alone.

“We need to put this in park,” the man said.

I felt my pulse quicken as I realized the four of us were about to device a plan to reach into the car to make sure it didn’t suddenly start rolling away adding more to the already scary situation.

But just when I thought some action was about to be taken the beautiful sound of sirens began coming closer and closer.

Shout out to the Orange County Fire Department for the quickest response time. They immediately pulled in and rushed to turn off the car and get the man out. Loaded him on the stretcher and began making efforts to get him back to.

Unfortunately, I won’t know the end of the man’s story. He had a weak pulse and was whisked away to the nearest emergency room. The kind couple can rest assured that if he lives, they are responsible.

I, however, walked the rest of the way home realizing that the hardened journalist who was quick to jump in the car at the sound of possible death is now a big sissy. I couldn’t even touch the guy!

Geesh. What have I become.


Crunch Time is here

It’s that time of the year again, everything is piling up, especially the stress.

I have to finish building my Web site, study for three exams and write a court paper.

Well the court paper shouldn’t be too hard, I went to the Clerk of Court today and found a case that had been pleaded out today.

I looked through the file and decided to write about this DUI case that was pleaded out for the maximum amount of fines and a list of other contingencies that go along with it.

My Web site is coming along. I finished looking up the quotes from “Fight Club” and I found my little niche to make it pastiche. I have decided to integrate my love for journalism with the project.

A lot of the issues in the book are issues everyone faces, so I archived several articles written about similar subjects and am putting up quotes and pieces of articles onto my site to make it pastiche, but in my own special way.

Ethics is almost done.

I wrote my last decision memo yesterday, ahead of time.

We had to decide what to do if you are the editor and one of your reporters comes in with a politically offensive article they had written, what would you do?

I decided to sit down with the writer and make sure that every point they make has a purpose and a reason, and the reader can decide whether or not to take offense, it isn’t my right to pull the article without letting the reader see it and take a viewpoint.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure within the next week and a half something else will come up.

The Law and Me

Let’s talk about copyright.

Copyright is a subject that can come up quite frequently in journalism, so to start off with we need to know that copyright is one of three categories under intellectual property.

By definition copyright is a right granted by statute to the author or originator of certain literary or artistic productions. So the person has the exclusive privilege of multiplying, publishing and selling works created.

Copyright has a life term plus 70 years, this number has continued to rise with each limitation on one Mr. Mickey Mouse.

Disney petitions to lengthen the amount of years after life every time their time is about to run out, and thus far it has worked.

Copyright protection can extend to original works, based on the U.S. Copyright legislation and the Comprehensive revisions to the law in 1909 and 1976.

‘Tis the Season

I love the season’s — the change in color on the trees and the contrast of the weather from season to season.

With photography the change in season means a change in setting on the camera.

When trying to capture the seasons you can’t just look at the center of interest, you have to look at the surrounding areas. For instance, when it’s winter try and capture some icicles or snow falling or gathered.

In the fall, try capturing some red and yellow leaves in the foreground. Then look to your center of interest, do they look bundled up in the winter, or are they eating a snow cone in the summer.

You have to capture as much as possible in the one photograph, you only have one chance, so get it right the first time.