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Cooper the Cop Fish

Cooper is my pet Beta fish that sits on my desk.

Technically, he’s the newsroom’s fish, but I inherited him when his original owner left to work for PETA.

He was named after Anderson Cooper. Plus, Cooper the Cop Fish sounds cooler than something like Bob the Beta Fish.

I won’t lie and say I love Cooper, but I look out for him. Everyday I feed him two tablets in the morning and two tablets in the afternoon before I leave.

But my pet ownership has instilled some new worries because to be honest, I’m not much of a pet person. I have a history of killing pets — never intentionally, it just happens.

Everyday, I come in and worry that perhaps Cooper will be found floating at the top of his bowl/vase home completely lifeless. It’s really become a fear of mine.

I worry so much that on my days off I assign people to feed him his allotted tablets and write cute notes to make sure they don’t forget about the small fish.

He’s not much to look at, and he doesn’t play fetch, but he does make my desk feel homey. Alright, maybe I’m starting to love him.

The point of blogging about Cooper this fine day is that I think everybody that has a tough job, a tiring career and knows that the percentage of having a rough day is pretty high should get their own Cooper.


The Messier the Desk the Harder the Worker?

This is a question I pose to you, because I’ve heard it a lot and I don’t think its true.

My desk is one of the neatest in the newsroom. In our pods, our four desk stuck together by a pole that reaches to the ceiling, we each have a desk that consists of one long table with multiple drawers and then a smaller table large enough to fit your computer, and if your me some storage.

When I first started, my desk had my computer, telephone and desk calendar. I looked through the many office supplies at my house and came in with an organizer for books, a station for storing office supplies and a two-story holder for papers.

I like the setup, on my two-story paper holder are notes and paperwork for stories I am working on and stories that have not been edited.

In my book holder sits my AP Stylebook, phone book, Daily News Stylebook, a dictionary and some of my journalism books carried over from college.

I use my other storage area for post its, paper clips, storing business cards, pens and the side even has an area for my legal pad of paper that I use to take notes when I’m at my desk.

I like to keep my desk as neat as possible, but by mid-day there’s typically papers strewn about, some leftover apple and a couple empty cups sitting somewhere on the desk.

But I don’t like to leave with a messy desk, so ritual begins every day around 2:30 where I sort through the papers, wash off my plate and cup and stick the phone back in the corner where it belongs.

Don’t think I don’t love and respect my co-workers, but they are slobs. I honestly  think I work with some of the most talented and giving people in the industry. Since working here, I’ve learned so much from them, but their desks are atrocious.

One of our senior reporters has not one spot of desk accessible to the eye. It’s covered in mounds of paper, paper and a little more paper.

Another reporter has what she calls the Berlin Wall surrounding her desk. She is diagonal from me in the pod and lining her desk are baskets, books, book organizers with books, piles of phone books and piles of paper.

Even the “neater people” have piles of paper all over their desk, it’s just in neat stacks.

I remember when I first started here one of the women made the comment, “The messier the desk, the harder the worker,” which makes sense.

You work hard, you go through books and papers and there is just no time for cleanliness. But sitting over on the neat end I want to disagree.

I work very hard, but I make it a point to clean because my obsessive desire for order causes my focus to get lost if there is a mess all around me.

So I pose the question: Does the amount of mess have a direct correlation with the amount of work put in each day?

Get Me Out of Here

I think working in a field that emphasizes personal meetings over phone calls has spoiled me.

I hate the days when I don’t leave the office, which, if I understand correctly, is how most office employees’ days go everyday — yuk.

Most days I know I’ll be leaving for at least a six-mile trek to the Sheriff’s Office to pick up arrest reports. Other days if I hear a wreck on the scanner and my hind side is tired of sitting in front of the computer I’ll go, snap some photos and typically stop at a fast food joint and get a nice drink.

It was great when the oil first started appearing on our beaches. I got to go to the beach everyday. I’d pack a beach outfit, some Bermuda shorts and a conservative tank top so I wouldn’t have to smell up the office when I returned, and would walk the stretch of sand talking with people, taking photos and occasionally dipping my feet in the water to cool off.

I got a nice tan and a break from the office.

The days when I don’t leave the office at all, though, are killer.

I sit, walk into the break room, sit, go to the bathroom sometimes just to look at new scenery, sit, eat more than necessary and, oh yeah, sit some more.

I had a friend tell me about something called “secretary butt” that happens when people sit too much in their lifetime. All I could think is now I have a new fear to add to the list.

“Great, now not only do I have to fear about dying alone, I may die with a larger-than-usual behind — awesome.”

Staying in my pod also makes for an incredibly long day, and eight hours is already long without having to feel every minute of it.

This is why I decided early on that I would never want to sit at a desk with the title of editor or anything similar. I don’t think I could take coming to the office day in and day out without a chance of leaving the four walls.

I mean, I work in a large room of six pods (four desks stuck together), no windows and a leaky roof. Picturesque it is not.

Why am I whining? Because on my calendar today is a big, white blank space that tells me that any chance I have of leaving the office would already be penciled in.

Today, sadly, is a sitting day.

Bored at a Desk

Two things to know about me:

A. I sit at a desk for long periods of time and it can be incredibly monotonous.

B. I tend to be about 10 years behind on all technology, internet stuff and music.

So I discovered an amazing website where you can make your own playlist or listen to other people’s playlists. It’s amazing!

Everyday I stick one earbud in my ear, bob my head and happily sing to myself while typing the boring, non-thoughtful things I do.

I thought I would share this website with the world, although most likely you already know about it. I also, being a humble person, feel like I have made the greatest playlist of all time. So feel free to listen and enjoy!