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Reporters are Just Dogs Peeing on Fire Hydrants

I’ve never been very territorial.

In the news business, a lot of reporters would slit your throat for the perfect story.

During one of my first internships, that’s exactly how it was — if you didn’t volunteer before he finished telling us about the story you were stuck with the story on road repairs.

Typically, everyone in the newsroom handles their beat and everything is good.

Today, however, I got territorial. I was tasked with the insane beat of covering an entire county.

I may not catch every small detail, but I get the job done as best as I can.

I’ve been covering that county’s courts and crime for months. I track the story, keep up with the arrest reports and go to court when they’re up.

Recently, our content editor has made it a point to make every reporter come up with a weekly list of what they will be doing for the week. Apparently the pressure got to one of the reporters because he pilfered my courts stories, which were on my list.

Since I am “more flexible,” the editor decided to let him keep it and gave me the story on the 81-year-old city clerk who died a week earlier. Woo.

When I was asked for the arrest reports, I felt like my territory was being all taken over. I was not pleased.

I feel like a Terrier and the big, bad Rottweiler took over my fire hydrant.

That was my fire hydrant, dag nab it!