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Driving the Distance

I hate driving in most circumstances.

It’s only partially that I’m cheap and don’t want to spend the gas money, but most of it is pure laziness.

I like to relax on the road and not have to be the defense driver my mother told me to be when I was 15. But at work, I don’t mind so much.

I live a little more than an hour from my work. Probably like all of my co-workers have vocalized, this sounds ludicrous and absurd – why live so far from work?

It started out with me moving in with my parents to save money and figure out what to do with my life. Then I got a job about 40 minutes away in a community of homeowners – as a bright-eyed 21-year-old recent grad, staying with my parents seemed like the right move.

Then I quit and was more grateful for having understanding parents then I ever thought possible.

Three months later, I was hired and asked if moving was an option. At first it wasn’t, why ruin a good thing with free rent. Doing the night shift, however, was tiring and the prospect of a five-minute drive home was incredibly appealing.

Then I saw the prices: $700 for apartments without fans or washers and driers. No thanks.

So the drive continued.

Right now, I’m in the process of moving out of my parents house. The thing is, I’m still an hour from work.

I just love my community, being close to my family, going to my home church and being near my friends. And what’s more, I’m starting to like the commute.

I know I’m poor – hello, I work in journalism – but I knew my car ride would be something that would need to keep me alert, awake and entertained so I purchased XM radio.

I’m obsessed, but not with music. I love talk radio.

Whoda thunk?

So now at work I look forward to the long rides, the all day stories and going from county to county. I enjoy listening to the whole program and getting a break.

It’s like watching TV at work, almost. I get to just take a break from reality and listen to the lives of other people – and I get paid to do it!

So for new journalists, it is my suggestion to find something entertaining to listen to so that the drive is not a hassle but a nice break from the day.


NPR’s Talk of the Nation is awesome, Cosmo Radio from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. makes me look like a lunatic I laugh so much, and Stars on XM has the Covino and Rich Show that is hilarious.