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Balancing Act

Dun, dun, dada, du du, dun dun dada du du … Presenting the amazing Angel! …

For the past few months I’ve felt less like I’m living life and more like I’ve taken up a job in the circus and I’m trying desperately to keep up.

I started graduate school in August. Just two classes, no big deal. Yeah right.

I knew it would be challenging to work 40+ hours a week and attend classes at night. I never knew how challenging.

And the masochist that I am has decided to add yet another class to my plate next semester. I always think I have it awful and then it gets worse and I miss the way it once was.

College seemed so stressful and I was so ready to get started and do something. Now, looking back, college was a cinch. I worked a part-time job, played with my friendsĀ  and I had weekend breaks.

Now, my Friday nights and Saturdays are either dedicated to going to class or doing work for class. My evenings are me looking at an empty fridge and then grabbing a handful of research articles to read.

I’m not complaining, really I’m not. I signed up for this. I chose to add to my plate.

And I’m excited for the possibilities that a master’s degree could give me. I just don’t know how to keep up with everything!


Can One Person Do It All?

I’ve recently had this strong desire to go back to school. So now, in the midst of having more responsibility at one time than I’ve ever had before I’m getting ready for graduate school.

In addition to the typical duties of life, I’m studying for the GRE and working on applying to the graduate program of choice.

While all this is fine and dandy the reality of what I’m about to undertake is starting to become more realistic.

On days that I work, I can never make solid plans. If there’s a fire, death or any series of unfortunate events that is too much for any one reporter to handle I’m working.

That’s the job I signed up for so it’s never been a problem. I signed up for this position knowing that I would be up to my ears in tragedy and that my schedule can never be truly determined.

That’s why it’s called breaking news.

Now, however, I’m starting to think about the classes I’m going to be paying an arm and a leg to be in, the amount of studying I will have to start doing and all the other pressures school has with it.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in school and dealing with that, but I’ve never tried to work full-time and be a student.

I’m a little nervous.

Now that the idea is more of a reality my anxiety is turning to “Can I do this?” “When will I have time?” “Will work be an option?”