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When is Justice Served?

I’m angry.

This isn’t the type of anger that happens when someone steals a story or a mean word is said. This is the type of anger from deep within that makes me want to do something. Change something.

Alissa Couch was a 28-year-old mother of three. She had done everything she could do to keep her abusive husband away from her and her children.

But the police in her small town were unorganized and when they reported to her home they told her to file an injunction and left.

She had filed an injunction and her husband, 32-year-old Jerome Parrish-Couch, should have been arrested for just stepping foot on Alissa’s property.

Instead, he returned less than an hour after the police and stabbed Alissa multiple times. She was found partially naked and hidden under a comforter.

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Where were the police? Where is justice for Alissa? Why was this allowed to happen?

Alissa did everything she could do. She was a woman stuck in an abusive relationship and she found the strength to get out. To get an injunction and call the police to make sure that injunction was kept.

But a lack of ability and too much laziness cost her her life.

I spoke with the police for several days following Alissa’s murder. They told me there was no injunction. There was nothing they could do.

They could have saved her. Instead, her children will grow up without a mother and with an abusive father who will hopefully spend the rest of his life in jail.

I’m angry and I want someone to pay for this.


Death … I’m Getting Existential

Yeah, I’m creepy. Existential Angel is taking over this blog post.

I was driving to work today and looked at the semi who had punched the brakes to make the stop where my car was resting. Death is right there, you know.

I don’t mean to bring people down but when you write about death every day it gets you thinking, you know.

I used to be afraid of facing the unknown. Not so much anymore, I’m pretty solid in my faith and my belief that beyond this life is a greater existence for me.

But the unknown is still scary. Let’s face it, no one likes facing the unfamiliar.

I say all this to say, at the end of this week I’ll be interviewing the family of a woman who was murdered a month ago.

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked with someone in this type of scenario so soon after the incident.

There is no investigation into her death, just questions. The woman’s husband killed her and killed himself.

Their divorce would have been finalized three days after the incident.

So now, creepy Angel arises and all she thinks about is how short this life is. I’m not getting cheesy, but its true.

This thing we’re all doing, it’s short. I’m not going to tell you to live every moment like its your last, I certainly don’t.

Just appreciate the fact that you get the day. I’ve talked to too many families facing death to not appreciate what God has given me today.

Have a good day!

Candidates, Murders and Septic Tanks?

Today I am dressed in my best. By best I mean I don’t look like my usual 8-year-old girl self.

My day, this fine day, will be spent traipsing around town interviewing candidates for the upcoming election. I love politics, I really do.

I like researching what I will be voting for and I love thinking, although some may disagree, that my vote counts. That’s why we live in this free nation.

However, I do not like hearing candidates dribble on and on about why they are the best. When people run for office I feel like the high-school version of them comes out to play.

They lie and say whatever we want to hear and they talk smack about the opponents. I just see juvenile when I look at them. Not exactly who I would choose to make decisions that will affect me in the future.

Tomorrow, was supposed to be a thrilling day. Three folks up for murder trials will be in court. Grant it, they are just appearing before the judge for a pre-trial, status hearing. But it means they are one step closer to trial.

Well, as it turns out, my editor doesn’t really care about that. He wants intense coverage on something else going on in town and it appears I am the only one to cover it.

Oh, joy. A septic tank seminar. Just what I’ve always wanted to do.

I’m not cynical, I just don’t see how septic tanks can be better than murder.

Can you?